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Help for Dogs Thailand was founded 2007 by Corinna Gogel.


2003 I emigrated to Chiang Mai and had to see dumped and sick dogs on the streets day after day. It was clear to me that something nedded to be done about this.

First I was helping at another project in Chiang Mai, but as they didn't have a shelter I founded "Care for Dogs" together with another German. 2007 I left the organisation and founded "Help for Dogs".

We collect stray- and temple dogs to neuter them. If possible we bring them back where they came from, but sadly the reality is different: often the dogs can not go back because they would be in danger of being poisoned or because they are too sick and weak to survive on the streets.

Especially old and teethless, paralyzed or blind dogs or dogs with missing limbs stand no chance.

These dogs we bring to our shelter.

Every year we find puppies dumped on the side of the road, on parking lots and at temples; those can not stay on their own as they are too young -often just 4-6 weeks- and need to be fed every few hours. For this dogs our shelter is place for them to grow up in safety and peace until they can be adopted. 

We take care particularly of sick and injured dogs; often we get called by people who watched a accident with a dog being wounded or people reporting a sick dog laying around somewhere. 
We go there immediately, check the dog and bring it to the animal hospital or our shelter. 
Also if we find dogs on the road we collect and take care of them.


Because we believe nothing is worse than leaving a suffering dog on its own.


Over the years we always took care of 50-60 dogs at a time at the shelter.

Unfortunately it's hard to find homes for half-breed dogs here in Thailand, so we are happy that from time to time a dog gets adopted by Europeans.

After all that many, hard years and problems with the Thai staff and the finacial responsibilty growing too big we decided to diminish the number of dogs or respectively close the shelter. It will be kept solely as a sanctuary for old and disabled dogs and as a nursing ward for dogs who temporarily need medical help. 

Please help us place lovely, middle-aged dogs who diserve spending their remaining days in a good home.


We keep on organizing neutering at temples and in poor villages. Of course we take care of the dogs first, so they are healthy enough for the surgery. As soon as the dogs recovered we bring them back.

Also we've been looking after the dogs at Wat Banju temple for 12 years now.



Kind regards,


Corinna Gogel


Corinna und die Hunde


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